Arts and crafts are quite fascinating to look at. While most of these are available commercially, an equally vast majority can be made at home for lesser cost and higher customization. For most people, home crafts have evolved into a hobby or family time chore. Home crafts call for more creativity and uniqueness in the produced art.

Here are ten trending home crafts this season that can keep you engrossed in your artwork for hours at length.

Ceramic & Glass Crafts

This craft never goes out of fashion. Ceramics and glass crafts are one of the oldest home decoration techniques that have enjoyed this status for centuries. Ceramic crafts make use of clay and shape it into different objects. Once dried, these can be placed and used almost anywhere! Glass crafts involve glass painting, glass blowing, and much more.

Fiber & Textile Crafts

The fiber and textile crafts make use of plant, animal or synthetic fibers to create vibrant art pieces. This may include wall hangings, cushion covers and other decorative arts. There are numerous ways in which textile art can be created and each proves to be an unparalleled home decoration.

Flower Crafts

Several different materials can be used to create artificial flowers. Their arrangement is a craft in its own. Flower crafts have been particularly popular in women of all ages through the centuries and have grown spectacularly into a standalone business.


Nothing beats leather. These days, there are numerous leather crafts that are being used for home decoration. Leatherwork includes leather carvings, and leather crafting. For the most part, leatherwork is difficult to do at home. Nevertheless, people have been making their own leather objects to meet the aesthetics.

Mixed Media

This involves the use of more than one medium in preparing a decoration piece. Mixed Media include beadwork, basket weaving, and batik. Each of these can be done at home to create unique artworks.


There is more to needlework than simple stitching. It includes the infinite number of stitching styles, embroideries, knitting and patchworks. These can be made on all materials and provide unparalleled beautification of the cloth. So it can be used as table covers and cushion covers as well as being used as clothing.

Paper Crafts

There is a lot you can do with paper. From paper folding and modeling to Paper Mache crafts, each art promises to produce unique decorative pieces. Most of these crafts do not require extensive prior preparation. So you can gather your family and start enjoying paper crafts right away!

Wood & Furniture Crafts

It is amazing how wood can be fashioned into objects of immense utility – like the cabinet, drawers and cupboards. Some artistic aesthetics prefer to do this job at home for greater customization. There is a lot one can do with wood including wood carving, woodworks and carpentry. There is nothing to match the feeling of accomplishment you experience when you complete your first wood project!

Stone Crafts

All stones are not worthless. Mosaics, stone carving, flint knapping, and other stone works make use of different stones to produce beautiful decorative pieces.

Metal Crafts

Metals can be shaped into almost any shape. This opens the window of opportunity and creativity to transform metals into masterpieces. Metal crafts are fun and rewarding at the same time.