Road trips, whether good ones or bad, have been memorable for everyone, for each road trip has a certain memory attached to it. Whether the memory is that of heated up engines, or staying in lousy motels, it is still a memory. Road trips have been going on since years and people love it, simply because it is a cheaper, more adventurous getaway to their boring and average daily lives. It is also taken as family bonding time where the family gets to spend a lot of time together and talk amongst themselves.

Road trips are fun, but you need to prepare for them well before hand, especially if you are traveling alone.

Get your car checked out

This is probably the most important thing you can get done before heading out. Get your car checked and serviced thoroughly by a mechanic so that when you finally head out, you know that everything is in order.

Map out your itinerary

You should know where exactly you have to go and what routes you will probably be taking to reach your destination. Pre-planning will help a lot because then later on you would not have to worry about what routes to take or anything like that. Having a map with you is also very important.

Build in rest days

Rest days are important. This gives you and your car a little breather time. So while you are planning out your itinerary, you might want to add in a few extra days just for resting. You really do not want to overwork yourself and your car. After all it is a vacation.

Bring a basic repair kit

This basic repair kit will help you take care of the few basic problems that you might incur yourself. So carry this for emergency situations.

Join a travel or auto club

Joining a travel club will help you a great load so be sure to join one before you head out for your little adventure.

Don’t drive more than 11 hours a day

If you do this then you are just plain crazy. You would want to make frequent pit stops for resting and food and water purposes. Overworking yourself, just because you think you can, is never a good idea.

Anticipate trouble spots

You will always incur at least a few, if not more, trouble spots. This can vary from traffic to anything. Anticipate and expect those during your journey so that you do not get irritated by it later on.

Don’t drive at a sustained high speed all day

Try not to over speed, or drive at high speeds throughout your journey. High speeds put extra pressure on your car engine because of wind resistance that increases as well. You would want to slow it down if you want our engine’s lubrication to last longer.

Check the air pressure

Make sure your tire air pressures are in order. This is also applicable for the spare tire that you have in the trunk of your car. You would not want to mess with the tire pressure and keep it at ideal levels in order to avoid the risk of blowouts or overheating.

Watch the road

Always be aware of the road. It is very easy to zone out when you have been driving continuously, but try snapping out of it as soon as you realize you have zoned out.