It has been said in the past that records are made so that can be broken. But some records take the sports and the individuals that made them to such grandeur heights that it is seemingly impossible to even contemplate anyone getting near them, leave alone trying to break them!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Losing Streak

WOW! That is the only thing one can say about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team during the 1976 – 1977 season. They ended up losing 26 games in a row in one season, which is an NFL record for most games lost in a row and finally managed to break that sequence by winning their last two games of the season.

Walter Johnson Throws 110 Career Shutdowns

Walter Johnson is one of the most iconic pitchers in baseball history. He took pitching and made it into an art, by striking out 3,500 batters during his long career with the Washington Senators, which spanned 21 years. He was a very powerful pitcher and an intimidating presence on the pound, which can be ascertained from the fact that he threw an unthinkable 110 career shutdowns during his career.

CY Young’s 511 Wins

If there is one baseball pitcher who can claim to stand in the same company as Walter Johnson, then it is CY Young who won a mind boggling 511 career wins during his 22 year long illustrious career. Young was an exceptional baseball pitcher and his record of career wins is a record that we can safely say can never be broken, since the closest pitcher to his record is Walter Johnson and he is 94 wins behind him.

Secretariat’s 31 – Length Victory in 1973 Belmont Stakes

Secretariat also known as “Big Red” is regarded to be one of the greatest race horses of all time. He started the race at Belmont States alongside 4 other horses on June 9th, 1973 and the rest as we call it is history, as Secretariat simply flew past his competition and ended up winning the race by a record margin of 31 lengths. Secretariat also holds the record of the fastest ever mile and a half on dirt in history by setting a time of 2:24.

Bob Gibson Pitches to a 1.12 ERA in 1968

Bob Gibson is one of the greatest baseball pitches of all time, and his dominance during the 1968 season was so great that it became the “Year of the Pitcher”. Bob Gibson averaged an incredible 1.12 ERA during the season, with 13 shutouts and 47 consecutive scoreless innings.

Richard Petty’s 200 NASCAR Wins

Richard “King” Perry is the undoubtedly the greatest NASCAR driver of all time, with an incredible haul of 200 NASCAR wins during his career. He also had an amazing 712 top ten finishes, and his closest competitor in terms of wins is David Pearson with 105, which is why we can safely say that Richard Petty’s record is unbreakable.

Joe DiMaggio’s 56 – Game Hit Streak

Joe DiMaggio, also known as Joltin Joe managed to record a hit in 56 games on the run. The record is one of the greatest in the history of baseball and has been standing since the 1941 season, which is why he is regarded by many to be one of the greatest baseball players ever.

John Stockton’s 15,806 Career Assists

John Stockton is the legendary point guard who played for Utah Jazz and had an astonishing 15,806 career assists! He has gone down in NBA history as the greatest point guard of all time and his assist tally will never be broken.

Cal Ripkin Jr.’s Consecutive Game Streak

Cal Ripkin Jr. Also known as “The Iron Man” never missed a game from May 30th, 1982 till Sept. 19, 1998 and made a record 2,362 consecutive appearances which is the most by in the history of major league baseball.

Byron Nelson’s Single – Season PGA Tour Wins

Byron Nelson managed to win 18 out of the 35 PGA tour events he participated in during the 1945 season, which also included a run of 11 straight victories. It is a record that is yet to be broken and may never break!