Looking young these days is getting harder and harder as you get older. Some people have it easy and they look young naturally, while others have to implement all sorts of creams and undergo treatments to get their skin glowing and hair wavy and flowing, like it were in the good old days.

Society today is obsessed on looking young, and 40 is the new 30 today, with all these anti-aging cream commercials that promise to make you looking younger and healthier. We have gotten our hands on a fool proof method to make you looking like the prom king or queen you were in your high school days. Well perhaps not that young, but here are our list of the top 10 secrets to looking younger:

Sit Up

Good posture is instantly linked to having better health, and it really does matter how you sit up. Be confident in the way you sit and stand and feel proud. Not only will this make you feel younger again but you will start looking and acting younger as well.

ZzzSsss (Sleep)

Sleeping is best way to rest your tired body, and the amount of stress we put on our bodies, it is imperative that you get in a regular sleeping routine. This will allow you to feel energized and refreshed during the day and reflect on a younger looking you.

Good Hair Days

The color of your hair directly reflects upon your age, no matter how many surgeries you have the color and tone of your hair will give your age away. Take proper care of your hair and invest in some hair care products, as you will reap the rewards in the end. Good healthy hair will make you feel young instantly!

Lighten Up… On Makeup

It is never a good idea to go heavy on the makeup as it affects your skin and causes it to age considerably. People who apply heavy makeup tend to get wrinkles on their skin much earlier and their skin will lose all its shine.

Frame It (Choose More Contemporary Eye-Glasses)

Are you still rocking those 80s glasses? No wonder the kids in your neighborhood have started calling you granddad. You have to blend with the times, so why not go for contemporary eye-glasses that compliment your face and your personality.


A great smile can brighten up anyone’s day and make you feel young as well. It has been proven by researchers that people who smile often are more likely to look younger and have better skin on their face. So you better start practicing in the mirror now!

Baby Face (Skin Care)

Skin care is the secret to looking younger, which is why all these commercials target users with skin care products. However, you can wash and rinse your skin everyday and at regular intervals to ensure that your skin looks radiant and fresh.

Threads (Your Wardrobe)

The way you dress reflects upon your personality and your age. Dress appropriately and according to your age, stay up-to-date with the latest fashion and always dress to impress.

Gloss! Don’t Stick (Use Lip Gloss Rather Than Lipstick)

Lip gloss is a better remedy for looking young, than applying lipstick. Not only will it keep your lips bright and fresh but also make your face look younger.

Get Shady (Stay Out of the Sun)

Prolonged exposure to the sun can be bad for your skin and enable it to age considerably. If you want to look young then stay out of the sun or use some form of precaution to ensure that you have perfect healthy skin, free of any sun damage.