Below are ten of the most popular weight loss programs that have been tried and tested. We all know that finding the perfect diet plan is an exercise and a challenge in itself. These plans however have sufficient backing to prove they actually work.

Weight Watchers

This diet plan is based on a ProPoints system where value Is given to food items according to the carbs, fiber, fat and protein contents. An individual exercise plan is also given and no limit is set to the amount of vegetable and fruits that you can have. This plan helps you lose up to 2lb a week. The good thing about this diet plan is that no food items are off limit so you can eat and drink whatever you want as long as you stick to the point system. A safety net is also there for special occasions such as a night out of fun.

Biggest Loser Diet

This diet consists of a low calorie diet along with exercise. The diet consists of fruits, lean protein and vegetables. This is a 12 week program consisting of a lot of fiber and proteins. Appetite stimulating foods such as potatoes and bread are not consumed at all while lots of water is consumed. Heavy exercise starting from half an hour and going on to one hour is supposed to be done daily.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is another diet program, which helps at teaching people the proper way to eat their food and how they can consume the food that they like in frequent yet small amounts. Thus it is all about self control. The program also teaches the way people can increase their levels of energy through various simple activities. Lastly, the program induces more balance into lives of people so that they can achieve their desired weight loss and a healthy diet plan. This plan offers prepackaged frozen foods containing protein, fats and carbohydrates and is a calorie based plan.

Raw Food Diet

This diet is based on the claim that raw or uncooked food is better for you because cooking the food kills most of the natural enzymes and nutrients which the body actually needs to remain healthy. Body functions become better and hence you are likely to lose more pounds because of better digestive systems and food consumption.


This plan is based on the fact that people love to eat, so it is a better idea to let them eat as opposed to suppress their desire. So the focus is to eat right as opposed to eat less.


This diet is a low carbohydrate diet which helps in using more body fat to produce energy as opposed to glucose.

Flexitarian Diet

Flexitarian is a merger of two words flexible and vegetarian. Hence most part of your meals will be focused on consuming vegetables; through you do not have to give up meat completely.

Mayo Clinic Diet

This diet focuses on your overall health and not just what you eat. It talks about eating healthy while at the same time ensuring that you incorporate physical exercise in your routine. There is a mayo clinic healthy weight pyramid which focuses on the importance of exercise and healthy food balance.

South Beach Diet

The purpose is to switch the bad carbohydrates and fats with the good ones which would ensure that they get utilized by the body in a healthy way.

Macrobiotic Diet

This diet involves having a diet plan which consists mainly of vegetables, whole grain and fruits, and avoiding products that are refined and animal based. This diet is considered to have many health benefits, particularly in preventing cancer.