Myths about nutrition and healthy diets are a dime a dozen. If I had a nickel for the amount of times I have been told by my friends not to eat this and what to eat after I work out then I would be a very rich man indeed. We are led to believe that everything that has been researched or surveyed is undeniable fact and must be adhered to by everyone without question.

There are a lot of myths about a whole lot of stuff, but there are some truly ridiculous myths about nutrition. So here is our list of the top ten myths of nutrition:

Labels that say ‘natural’

Don’t’ believe everything that you see with your eyes, or don’t judge a book by its cover, are two things that everyone must be familiar with. Well what do advertisers prey on? This creates a false image in the eyes of people today, as we instantly reach for foods that have been labeled “Natural” by the manufacturer. You should read the all ingredients properly before buying any food item labeled “Natural” from now on.

Ads that guarantee good results

Yes we have all been down that road! When was the last time you bought something and it didn’t turn out the way that you wanted? Or it wasn’t what you pictured to be like when you were getting it. Well stop falling for the same old tricks, and start realizing that all advertisements that guarantee emphatic results can be a hoax or a marketing strategy to reel you in.

Junk food in ‘moderation’ is ok

Junk food is bad for you in whatever quantity you take it in. It really does not matter if you are having fries at McDonalds once every two days, because you will feel the effects of it later on, no matter what you do. Eating junk food in “Moderation” is NOT ok!

Vitamins can substitute for food

This is quite a popular myth and always seems to popup wherever someone starts talking about dieting or eating healthy. Vitamins are good for your body, but you can’t substitute them for food entirely, since the body needs a proper food intake diet to perform on its optimum level.

‘The Food Pyramid’ is healthy

“The Food Pyramid” has been put up to be the symbol of all healthy dieting and eating for quite some time now. However, that is not the case entirely since it shows that only eating proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates is the only solution for a healthy diet.

Losing weight is always healthy

People have been obsessed by the thought that they have to lose weight no matter what the consequences and the media has played its part in celebrating that thought. However, losing weight does not mean that your body is healthy, particularly if you are not overweight.

The more you exercise, the healthier you get

Every person has different metabolic rates and muscle build up in their body. Hence the exercise routine for people is different, and every person has got a different system that works for them. You should always exercise according to the needs of your body; excessive exercise can be harmful for your body as you will be burning necessary fat and carbohydrates that your body needs.

Your genes don’t matter

This is quite an old myth, and one which simply refuses to go away. It has been proven that the genetic build up of a person and their genes count for a lot when it comes to healthy bodies. It depends on the genes you inherit from your parents which all count in the end.

Healthy means giving up fat

This is entirely false, since being healthy does not mean that you have to eliminate all the fat from your diet. A healthy body is one that is fit and balanced, and if you eliminate all fat from your body then you will end up all skin and bones.

A healthy diet is to expensive

Yet another popular myth created by people who are too lazy to diet. A healthy diet does not have to be expensive in the least in fact it is often termed to be a good way to save money, since you don’t have to indulge yourself in fancy meals and junk food all the time.