The modern car uses several enhanced features which guarantee a leisure ride. Most of these have proved to be ground breaking technologies used in modern automotives and have truly redefined the concept of driving. Here are a few of these technologies and their benefits.

Anti-Lock Breaking Systems

To the layman, this may look threatening. However, this is an advanced safety feature integrated in automobiles nowadays to prevent involuntary skidding. This system allows the driver’s input regarding breaking to be applied to the wheels in such a manner so as to avoid the locking of wheels. This in turn prevents skidding.

Electronic Stability Program

Also known as the electronic stability control, this system prevents the loss of control while steering. It automatically detects the loss of steering and applies brakes till the control is regained. It may also reduce the engine’s running to prevent skidding and collision.

Entertainment Systems

It consists of all audio and video enhancements installed inside the car for a wholesome entertainment experience while on the road.

Parking Assists

This technology helps in parking the car with little help from the driver. The intelligent parking assist system allows the car to park itself without the help of the driver using a screen and buttons.

Daytime Running Lights

The daytime running light is an automated lightning system. These lights are automatically switched on when the vehicle is moving. This gives the car more clarity and visibility during the daylight and helps people differentiate between a stationary car and a moving car.

Keyless Entry

This involves an electronic locking system. Instead of using the traditional key for unlocking the doors of the car, this system uses alternative means for entry. In some cases, this is in the form of a keypad located near the door which prompts for a code. However, this may also involve the use of a handheld remote which locks and unlocks the car doors with the push of a button.

Radar Technology

It is possible to install the radar technology in your vehicle so you can see if you are being monitored by law enforcement agencies – by radar guns or Doppler radar beams. This helps in preventing speeding tickets as you become forewarned about the situation.

Direct Injection Engines

Traditionally, engines were built in such a way that fuel had to reach the combustion chamber through a roundabout route. However, this technology allows the fuel to reach the combustion chambers directly. This automatically translates into a better mileage and speed.

Forced Induction Engines

A naturally aspirated engine uses normal air reaching the combustion chambers to burn the fuel for energy. The forced induction engines work slightly differently. These systems compress the air reaching the combustion chambers to increase its pressure and then put it through to the combustion chamber. This translates into greater engine efficiency and power.

Start-Stop Technology

This technology helps in automatically controlling the internal combustion chamber, so the engine spends lesser time initializing and becoming active. This reduces fuel consumption and emissions while increasing the mileage and efficiency of the car.