Comedy is one of the best loved genres when it comes to movies. It is suited for all types of people and not just limited to some. Despite that fact, comedy movies barely win Oscars which is a little surprising. When it comes to chilling with a group of friends, you are most likely to pick a comedy movie if all of you are in the mood for watching a movie. Here are the ten best comedy movies which will leave you laughing for hours.


This is definitely one of the best comedy movies of all times. It is a movie about a virus infecting a plane full of passengers. The dialogues and jokes used in the movie are hilarious and the sincerity with which they are conveyed will just leave you laughing like crazy.

The Hangover

This comedy movie is about three friends who go to Vegas for a bachelor party and waking up with no memory of the night before along with the bachelor friend missing. This leads to a series of adventures that they have together trying to find their friend. It is hilarious and will definitely lead you to have laughing fits.


This is a very funny movie about two high school friends who are co-dependent and the adventure that they have.

Shawn of the Dead

This is a comedy film about a man who decides to fix his relationship with his ex girlfriend and mother and who has to deal with a community who is back from the dead.

Groundhog Day

This film will leave you laughing for days. It is about a weather man who has to live the same day over and over again.

Bringing Up Baby

This comedy movie is about a paleontologist who is struggling to raise $1million for his museum while at the same time being pursued by a heiress and her pet leopard called Baby.

The Producers

The producers is about a producer who produces flop broadways and now is attempting to bring the world’s worst show along with his accountant.

Duck Soup

A man called Rufus becomes president/dictator of the bankrupt Freedonia and decides to declare war on Sylvania, a neighboring country, just because of his love for a lady called Mrs. Teasdale.

Young Frankenstein

This is the story of Dr. Frankenstein’s grandson, who eventually inherits his grandfather’s castle and repeats all the experiments that his grandfather had done.

Monty Python & the Holy Grail

This is the comedy story of a king and his knights who go on a low budget search for the grail and in the process have to encounter and go through very funny and silly obstacles.

All these movies are really funny and fun to watch, no matter how old they are. So if you are in the mood to watch a comedy movie, be sure to check out this list. These movies will make you laugh like there is no tomorrow, and will continue doing so.