Most people today have problems related to their sexual drive, which creates problems for them in their relationships. An active sexual drive can do wonders for you both emotionally and physically, as it not only keeps you happy and satisfied but also keeps you immune from dangerous diseases. This is why it is imperative that you know about the 10 most common things that can reduce your sex drive.


It is quite for normal for people to start feeling less responsive towards sex as they get older, since men have a tendency to face a decline in their testosterone levels as they start aging. This affects their sexual appetite and reflects in less frequent love making. Women also face difficulties as they start aging, since their hormones start losing their potency and sex can then become a painful experience for them.

Diseases (Such as Diabetes or Cancer)

Diseases play a major role in reducing the sex drive in a person, which is not hard to understand, since healthier bodies mean more robust and active sex drives. Diseases such as Cancer or Diabetes can hamper hormone production in the body and can affect the sexual performance of a person as a result.


Weight related issues are another reason which can reduce the sex drive of a person, and can make having sex a difficult situation for you. There are physiological factors which have to be taken into account, which suggest that people who are overweight have a lower sex drive than people who are in peak physical condition.

Lack of Sleep

Inadequate sleep is also another factor to consider when talking about things which can reduce your sex drive. People have busy lives these days, and everyday vigor’s tend to take their toll on the body. The body needs to rest itself after being pushed to the limit, and getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for a performance in the bedroom.


Stress is related to fatigue and sleep deprivation, and is another factor that reduces sex drive in a person. The modern day person has to deal with a lot of complex situations, which can create excessive stress on the mind and the body. This can leave a person feeling underwhelmed and depressed and is more likely to affect their performance in the bedroom, with a reduction of sex drive.


Alcohol is thought to be extremely helpful when it comes to overcoming shyness, but it also impacts negatively on the sex drive of a person. Consuming too much alcohol is never a good idea and can often lead to abusive and irrational behavior. It affects the testosterone and hormone levels of a person and results in reduced sex drive.


Childbirth can result in reduced sex drives of a person and it is not difficult to figure out why since the woman’s body needs time to rest and recuperate itself after childbirth. It also depends upon the nature of the delivery, since a Caesarian section will require a long time to heal. There are also the responsibilities of a new born baby to consider, which can affect love life of a couple and reduce sex drive.

Relationship Obstacles (Such as Infidelity or Mistrust)

Relationship obstacles obviously have a tendency to affect the sex drive of a person. The issues related to infidelity and mistrust count as the highest when it comes to obstacles that affect the sex drive of a couple. A healthy relationship where both partners trust each other is crucial to ensure that they have a healthy sex drive and more fulfilling sex as a result.

Over Scheduling

One of the most common problems that affect people today and results in a reduced sex drive is the problem of over scheduling in their daily lives. This inevitably leads to depression and causes people to lose interest in things which were once their sole source of pleasure. Couples need to take time out of their busy schedules and spend some time together to feel more intimate and close together. This will help them maintain a healthy sex life, and not reduce sex drive.

Keep trying

No matter what, you have to keep trying to make your love life better and better. All good things come to those who struggle and work hard to make their lives better.