Your top 10 tools for DIY projects should be the ones that you keep coming back to or use often. Often times, there is certain work around the house or something which you can easily take care of on your own, and you do not need any professional help for it either. Here is what we feel the 10 most important tools which every household needs to have.


You will be able to find two types of drills, a corded one (more powerful) and a cordless one. Use whatever you think s convenient for you, but if you want to purchase just one, you should make sure you purchase the one which has a drill and a driver both and not just one of the two.

Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is probably a very common type of hammer. Make sure the handle is fixed properly in order to avoid any sort of accident.


This is a tool which is used to do five jobs. These jobs include cleaning rollers, scraping loose paint, opening paint cans, gouging cracks and pounding paint lids to close.

Ratchet Screwdriver

This is probably the most used tool all around. Ratchet screwdrivers are definitely way better than the usual types.

Torpedo Level

There are many levels such as the small, medium, large and torpedo. If you only plan to own one, you might as well go with the torpedo level if you want your shelves to be installed straight.

Power Sander

Power sanders are useful because sanding by hand can be super tiring and exhausting. There are many kinds of power sanders but the orbit sander is more recommended.

Tape Measure

Everyone probably already has a tape measure. But you do not have one, get one right away.


Handsaws come in very handy for little projects. You can have many interchangeable blades while another very good option is that of a hacksaw.


You can use pliers in place of a wrench. Pliers can also be used in the case where you have to hammer a nail, but are too scared of hitting your finger. You can hold the nail in place using the pliers. There are many different kinds of pliers out there.

Staple Gun

There are many different power versions of a staple gun. The handheld ones also do just fine. They are mostly used to simple household projects or when you have to stretch a fabric over some stretcher bars.

These tools definitely make doing projects at home far more easier. So it is always best to keep at least the most used ones at home, so that you do not have to worry about anything later on, or run around like crazy trying to borrow tools from your neighbors at the last minute. There is a handyman in all of us. All that is needed is the right tools and everything else will come to you naturally. So stock up today and take better care of your home.