Most celebrities in the world are not known by their birth name anymore. For whatever reason they decided to change their names, the newer ones seem to cling on to their personality in an all encompassing manner.

Some of these celebrities have so astonishing real names; it makes you think they are better off with the new ones. Here are 10 of the most surprising celebrity names.

Albert Brooks [Real Name: Albert Einstein]

This American actor, comedian, voice actor, writer and director do not need any introduction. This outclass performer has been a part of numerous best selling movies and is accredited for writing the book “2030: The real story of what happens to America”. His cinematography includes Finding Nemo, This is 40, Drive, The Simpsons Movie and lots more.

Woody Allen [Real Name: Allen Konigsberg]

This American director, screenwriter, comedian, actor, author, musician has over half a century’s worth of achievements. He was nominated 23 times for Academy Awards and managed to win four of these. His famous works include Bullets over Broadway, Honeymoon Motel, A Second Hand Memory, Riverside Drive and several others.

Louis C. K. [Real Name: Louis Szekely]

Louis C. K. is a popular standup comedian, television writer, producer, film writer, director and actor. He was forced to change his name seeing no one could pronounce his Hungarian name properly. His famous works include The Chris Rock Show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Pootie Tang, Lucky Louie and Louie among several others.

Ben Kingsley [Real Name: Krishna Pandit Bhanji]

This English actor is from an Indian-Kenyan descent. He was forced to change his name for the fear of being refused. He has won several awards including Oscar, Grammy, BAFTA, Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards. He is particularly known for his outclass acting in the movie Gandhi (1982) as Mohandas Gandhi himself.

Alan Alda [Real Name: Alphonso d’Abruzzo]

This American celebrity is well known for his acting, directing, screenwriting and authoring skills. He has won several awards including Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. He is particularly known as Hawkeye Pierce in “M*A*S*H” and Arnold Vinick in “The West Wing”. You can also identify him for his supporting role in the movie “The Avator”.

George Michael [Real Name: Georgios Panayiotou]

He is a renowned singer, musician, instrumentalist and record producer. He is accredited with numerous albums including the highest grossing album “Faith”. He also won numerous awards for his outclass music skills including MTV Video Music Awards, Ivor Novello Awards, American Music Awards, Grammy Awards and several others.

Carmen Electra [Real Name: Tara Patrick]

This American model, actress, dancer, singer is a well known celebrity around the world. Her journey to fame started with a photo shoot for the magazine Play Boy. She has also appeared in television series “Baywatch”, the music band “PussyCat Dolls” and has acted in comedy movies like Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie and others.

Bruno Mars [Real Name: Peter Gene Hernandez]

He is well known as an American singer, songwriter and record producer. Growing up in a family of musicians, Bruno started producing music at an early age. Apart from music, he has performed for films and television shows as well including Honeymoon in Vegas, Rio 2, The Cleveland Show and Saturday Night Live. He has received Grammy Awards and Brit Awards for his outclass performance.

Shania Twain [Real Name: Eileen Regina Edwards]

She is a popular pop singer and song writer from Canada. Her famous works include record breaking albums The Woman in Me and Come on Over. She has won several Grammy Awards and BMI Songwriter awards till date.

Michael Keaton [Real Name: Michael Douglas]

He is well known as a comedy actor and has worked in numerous movies including Beetlejuice, Batman, Batman Returns, Night Shift, Mr. Mom, Clean and Sober, Pacific Heights and several others. He has also provided voice over for the movies Cars and Toy Story 3.