A lot of people, knowingly or unknowingly, make a few mistakes while maintaining their cars. It is really important to correct these mistakes if you are looking for a better health for your car. Below are some of the common mistakes which are made while maintaining cars.

Only paying attention to oil levels

If you only pay attention to your oil levels and nothing else, you are not doing juice to your car. Oil levels are important, but there are other things which you should regularly check as well such as brake fluid, washer fluid and transmission fluid.

Driving on non-seasonal tires

Your tires need importance and variation, just like you have different shoes for different occasions. If you expect a single set of tires to work for all seasons and weathers then you are mistaken.

Driving with burnt-out bulbs

Do not drive around with burnt out lights. This is a serious safety issue as well and it is best to rectify this matter immediately.

Using oil with the wrong viscosity

Using the correct oil is good for your car. In fact, the correct oil that you should use for your car is often mentioned in your car manual for a reason. Using the wrong oil type can lead to a lot of problems for your car such as excess wear and breakdowns due to insufficient lubrication.

Driving with excessive weight

Often times, we add unnecessary weight to our cars that hurts its mileage and performance. It adds pressure to the car. For instance, bowling bowls and bicycle racks add weight to the car, so unless absolutely necessary, remove the extra load.

Driving on soft tires

You can avoid this common and huge mistake by checking your tire pressures more often. Know how much the ideal inflation is for front and rear tires and be up to date. This really helps your car maintain ideal control.

Using worn-out oil and air filters

This is another common mistake where people assume they can clean and reuse oil and air filters. This is completely untrue especially for auto parts so it is advisable not to do it.

Slamming the brakes

Slamming the breaks means added pressure is being put on the brake system. The system is likely to go bad sooner if this continues.

Not changing your oil

Your car needs consistent change of oil without any doubt. Engine oil is the most essential part to keeping your engine healthy, and not changing it when needed or periodically can really damage the smooth running of the engine.

Avoiding mechanic check-ups

Seeing a mechanic for your car troubles is very important. They are the ones who specialize in fixing cars hence they are likely to be able to fix everything. Thinking that you would not need a mechanic and you can just take care of the problem would just lead to further problems later on. Not to forget that you are likely to add cost with piling up more problems like this.