Making movies is not a simple task. It takes the coordination of a thousand people to produce the piece of art that you enjoy as a two to three hour movie. The “Movie Credits” is one place these entities are recognized and appreciated for their work. Some of these have extremely baffling names. Here are a few of these and their correct definition.

Boom Operator

It is not possible to capture the voice of the performer at large distances, especially in a crowded place like a train station. This is done using a boom – a long stick with the mic attached at the end. This allows capturing the sound without being seen in the camera shot. The person managing the boom is called a boom operator.


An armourer is responsible for managing the firearms on a set. All firearms are essentially empty during the movie shoot; however, they still have the potential of being dangerously lethal. The armourer is responsible for the safe handling of all such weapons.


The gaffer is the head electrician. He is responsible for managing and fitting the lights on the set to illuminate the place. Whoever heard of a movie shot without lights?!


The grips are the real people behind the scene. They are responsible for setting up the stage and the scenes. Moreover, they are also responsible for managing all light sources. At times, they may need to cordon off natural light in order to preserve the feel of the shoot.

Key Grip

The key grip is boss to the grips and assistant to the gaffer. He basically acts as an intermediary between the two. He overlooks all the activities and movements pertaining to the stage equipments, ensuring the scenes are well-prepared before the actual shoot.

Best Boy

The best boy acts as an assistant. There are two types of best boys on set – best boy electric who assists the gaffer and best boy grip who assists the key grip. The best boy is responsible for bringing things together and ensuring all orders are being followed.

Dolly Grip

The dolly grip is responsible for handling the camera dolly. In scenes where the camera apparently seems to follow the actor and/or scene seamlessly, it is possible because of the dolly and the dolly grip.

Foley Artist

A foley artist is responsible for creating sound effects for the movie in post production phase. This job obtained its name from Jack Foley, one of the biggest sound effects masters known throughout the film industry.

Key Scenic

The key scenic makes sure the background is in accordance with the requirement of the film. A key scenic uses different painting techniques to make the background look new or ancient according to the need of the film. In other words, he completes the picture!

Lead Man

The lead man is nowhere close to the leading actor. On the contrary, the lead man is responsible for managing the entire crew for the movie. This includes everything from contracting, scheduling to actual shooting arrangements.