Vacations are always fun and are a great way to relax and bond with the family. The busy lives and work schedules that people have these days have made it imperative that a family plans a vacation once every year. However, with the current state of the economy, going on a fun filled vacation with family is not within the reach of many family, since it puts a considerable strain on expenses.

Statistics suggest that well over 50% of all Americans plan to go on a vacation every year, and most of them budget over $1,000 per head for the vacations. In this economy it may seem hard to define what constitutes as affordable, for most people something which involves no extensive traveling and lodgings costs comes under the scanner when planning for a vacation. This is why we asked our experts to come up with a list for the most affordable family vacations this year.

So let us help you, get the family vacation that you have been craving for so long with our list of the top 10 affordable family vacations, which will allow you to create spectacular memories with your loved ones without burning a hole into your pocket.

Yosemite National Park, CA

When it comes to affordable vacations, national parks are always top of the list, since they give spectacular views and scenery, along with a dozen different activities to choose from. Yosemite National Park in California, offers some of the most exquisite natural landscapes that you could wish for with waterfalls, rock formations, cliffs and exceptional hiking trails for the adventure enthusiasts. The 1,200 acre national park is one of the hottest tourist spots in California and offers unique families get away at a reasonable price.

An estimated 5 million people visit this site every year, but since this is the off season, you could enjoy a glorious family vacation at the Yosemite National Park. You can cut down the costs of your trip even further if you bring your own tent and supplies. There is nothing better than camping with your family and enjoying the bounties of Mother Nature.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Regarded by many to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United States, Myrtle Beach hosts tourists throughout the year. Surveys have revealed that an estimated number of 15 million people visit the Myrtle beach every year! So what makes this beach so popular amongst people? It’s affordable which is why families around the United States prefer to go on vacations to Myrtle Beach every year. If you are a fan of miniature golf, you will love this place, which is also known as the miniature golfing nirvana of the world.

There are many exquisite sites to see at Myrtle Beach, which offer gardens, a zoo, historic castles and of course, the beach. Get a tan, go surfing, take the kids to the gardens or the zoo and have a time of your life at Myrtle Beach.

Washington, D.C.

When you think of the Capital of the United States, the first thing that comes to mind are the great monuments, presidents, the White House and the Pentagon. But Washington D.C. is also home to some of the greatest museums, national parks and amusement parks in the world. Surveys have shown that the Capital has started more tourists in recent times and it is not hard to see why. There are tons of things to do in the historic city, and you visit the world renowned Smithsonian museums and galleries or visit the Capital Building.

This is one city where you could have a fun filled family vacation without breaking the bank, since the historic sites and museums are free of cost, while you could save money by bringing your own snacks as well. There is a misconception that Washington D.C is a boring city, but there are tons of fun activities to enjoy with your family, since there are lots of parks, zoos and amusements parks to enjoy with the family.

Boston, MA

Boston is another great city that attracts a lot of tourists on a yearly basis, and very much like Washington D.C has got a lot of historic sites and museums for people. Not only that, but if you are a fan of the Boston Red Sox you should take a trip to the ball park and see the team in action. There are lots of theatres and art galleries in the city as well, so take a trip with your kids and witness some great acts, or listen to the Orchestra for a unique experience.

Boston provides lots of affordable options for family vacations, since there are a lot of fun filled things which you can do with your family without spending a fortune. Many of the historic sites and landmarks are free of any charge and offer you a great experience that you and your family will not forget in a hurry.

Vancouver, British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the hottest tourist spots in the world, and rightly so since it offers some of the most breathtaking scenery and skiing slopes around the world. Some of the great Hollywood movies have been filmed around the famous city of Vancouver, which has a spectacular setting in between the mountains.

There are lots of activities that you can take participate in which includes, kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, river rafting and hiking to name a few. It also offers fantastic shopping as well, along with some of the best beaches and mountains you could wish for on a vacation. Although this family vacation may cost a bit of money, you can always budget smartly and rely on public transport when you are in Vancouver, it is still deemed by many to be one of the most affordable vacations you can take this year.

Yellowstone National Park, WY

Yellowstone National Park, which is famously the world’s first national park, offers some truly spectacular sites for tourists, who come to this park from around the world. There are an estimated 4 million people that visit Yellowstone National Park, which is 2,221,766 acres of majestic beauty and scenery, some of which is still unexplored.

If you want a great affordable vacation then a visit to this park is definitely one that should be on your list. Go camping and hiking with your family and take in the majestic trails and sites of the park, which meanders into forests where you can even come across some wildlife. Yellowstone National Park offers a great spectacle for the nature enthusiast with glorious waterfalls, spectacular geysers, canyons and majestic mountains to name a few. You can even save some money, by packing the essentials and bringing your own supplies and camping equipment, which will take care of the food and lodging. There are a lot of adventures to be had at this great park, and you will have great memories to cherish forever at an affordable cost.

Medomak Family Camp, ME

The Medomak Family Camp is another great tourist destination, which is very affordable for families looking for a fun filled vacation. It charges weekly fees for families that are willing to take a vacation, which may seem substantial but it includes all amenities and lodging for the visitors.

 You can have a great fun filled vacation at an affordable cost at the Medomak Family Camp, with activities such as sailing, kayaking, archery and yoga to name a few. There are even massages you can avail at the camp and have a unique experience that will live in your memory forever.

The Black Hills, SD

The Black Hills are a perfect holiday getaway for families that like to participate in biking. This popular tourist destination is famous for its multiple bike trails that it offers to people along with the astounding views it offers along the trails. There are grasslands and national forests for people that want to camp and explore this great site.

It is one of the most affordable family vacations you can wish for, and also allows you to learn a bit about nature and history as well. This spot is also a favorite amongst people who have a keen interest in the Wild West, since it provides many historic spots that were made famous in history during that era.

The Grand Canyons, AZ

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, and brings in a lot of tourists every year. If you are talking about affordable vacations then this popular tourist spot has to get a mention, since it offers magnificent views of the great canyon, with the Colorado River also playing its part in providing the scenic view. There are an estimated 4.5 million tourists that arrive at this UNESCO World Heritage site, and this popular spot can be a bit crowded if you do not pick the right time to visit the Grand Canyon.

Hardcore hiking and sightseeing enthusiasts travel to this great destination every year, and will bring out the inner explorer and adventurer in you as well. It is currently the off season so you should have no trouble with crowds at this time of the year, and you could save a considerable amount of money as well. Visit one of the wonders of nature, with your family and view the majestic beauty of this great site, which is a must visit destination for every person at least once in their life time.

Jackson Hole, WY

One of the most recent tourist spots in the United States is Jackson Hole, which was formerly renowned mostly for its ranching and lodging industry. However, it has caught the attention of many tourists recently due to the spectacular mountain views it offers along with the skiing resorts and national forests available nearby.

The mountain terrain near Jackson Hole offers great hiking and biking trails and there are lots of options for camping and as well. There are quite a lot of people who still do not know about this great place, and if you are looking for an affordable vacation with your family than this place is a must place visit for you.