Spring is just around the corner (and summer, of course, will be close on it’s heels)! It’s time to start thinking about diet goals for warmer weather and strategies for fitting into that new warmer weather wardrobe you’ve been eyeing for the past few weeks. Here are 10 super ways to help make your weight lose plan actually work this year!

1. Do Away with Liquid Calories!

No more fancy coffee drinks with more sugar than an average dessert. No more soft drinks with through-the-roof high fructose corn syrup. Make do with plain water, made tasty with lemons and oranges. This one switch can make a big difference in your calorie intake.

2. Drop the TV Remote and Get Out of the House!

Spring is a great time to power walk or get other healthful outdoor activities – plus it gets you away from the kitchen and snack cupboard!

3. Rediscover Salads, Vegetables and broth-based soups!

Delicious, low-cal and filling. The perfect replacement for some of winter’s heavier dinner fare. Just watch out that your salad dressings aren’t too calorie or fat heavy – and use sparingly.

4. Embrace Your Grill!

A terrific, healthy way to prepare fish and veggies – a flavorful meal that doesn’t require any extra embellishments.  Just grill and enjoy (without feeling guilty)!

5. Goodbye, Carbs!

After awhile you won’t even miss ‘em. Pasta, bread and unnecessary carbs are the very last things you want to include in your Springtime diet. Concentrate on healthy lean protein and vegetables in their place.

6. No More Nighttime Snacking!

This means you! It’s easy to get making trips to the refrigerator for snacks after dinner – but even an assortment of small bites can quickly add up over time. If you really need something to satisfy your hunger, try some herbal tea or pieces of vegetables in a lo-cal dipping sauce.

7. No More Treats At Work!

Boredom and/or stress at work can be a killer on your diet. It’s natural to look for some kind of food-related relief around 2:00 PM, but resist the urge. Empty your desk drawers of all candies, crackers and chocolate.

8. Make a Healthy Smoothie For Breakfast!

Blend some greens like spinach and celery with berries to make a tasty, low-cal breakfast smoothie. The berries are filled with antioxidants and enzymes and their sweet taste overtakes the flavor of the greens. Bottoms up!

9. Artichokes Rule!

Easily available March through May, Artichokes are low in calories and high in fiber. Try baked, grilled or tossed in salads.

10. Keep a Springtime Diet Progress Chart!

Track your progress by jotting down your weight loss every 4 or 5 days. Seeing your continued progress will incentivize you to keep it up and help you prepare for those warmer days ahead.