Bonding with your family is always a fun experience and you can increase that number tenfold if you involve in some fun family bonding activities. This will allow the entire family to get involved and bond together to build good relationships that will last a lifetime.

In today’s world it is increasingly important that you take some time out of your busy schedule to spend a few moments with your family. Not only will it increase harmony and togetherness in the family but will also help promote healthy relationships between every member of the family.

Spend some quality time with your family today, by implementing these 10 fun family bonding activities:

Game Night

This is sure to raise the spirits of every member in the family as nothing brings together people, then a little friendly competition. Card games are the way to go when it comes to game night, or how about putting together some puzzles or building castles out of Lego? You can even indulge in charades and have loads of fun and laughs with your family through game night.

Backyard Camping

Nothing could be more surreal and exciting for your young ones, then camping underneath the stars. Make sure that the weather is ideal and that there is no chance of any storms disrupting your bonding time with your family. Take all the supplies with you, and help your children set up their own tents, while you can all site by the fireside and roast marshmallows with some spine chilling ghost stories.


Volunteer in your neighborhood or in your city as a family, which will not only help your children learn about the values of helping other people but also bring you closer as a family. Lending a hand to other people in need is going to make you feel accomplished and will give your family an experience to remember.


One of the favorite bonding experiences for many people is by taking their families sightseeing. Taking pictures at historical sites and places that they have never been to before is going to live on in their memories forever and also create great camaraderie in the family.


There is nothing more pleasant in life then a good day spent in the garden. Get your family involved in the gardening experience and give them their own little plants to grow. A little fresh air everyday is sure to raise the spirits of every individual in the house and also eliminate any stress they may be facing.

Movie Night

Another fun filled way to bond with your family is by renting a few family movies and enjoying them all with popcorns and snacks. This is a great way to spend a rainy day or a gloomy Sunday afternoon and keep you involved with your children as well.


Cooking is another great idea when it comes to family bonding activities. Teach your kids how to cook or let them give you a hand in the kitchen, while you are preparing dinner. This will give them more confidence and you get to spend quality time bonding with your family.

School Projects

Lending a hand to your children in their school projects is another great way to spend some time with them. Come up with new and innovative ways to help them complete the project but let them do all the work or else they will feel as if they don’t deserve the credit.


Why not start your own mini book club at home? Take your children to the library and get some books that you can all read together, and then you can all discuss the books! This will not only educate your children and spark their imaginations but also bring your family closer.


For small kids in particular, it doesn’t take much to turn an ordinary living room into a makeshift playground. A few sheets draped strategically around armchairs and couches can quickly morph furniture into a fabulous indoor fort perfect for your whole family

Split up into teams and compete by seeing who can build the best castle out of blocks or who can fashion the most realist animals from modeling clay. Everyone is sure to get a good laugh out of playing dress-up with your old clothes from the ’80s, although some of them might look frighteningly similar to current fashion trends. Your kids will certainly appreciate the chance to catch a glimpse of the rarely seen extra-silly sides of their usually serious parents.