Vacations are a time when you forget all about your daily schedules and indulge yourself in some fun. And although you deserve all this fun, it is best to keep you belly under control and be watchful of what all you have on your vacations. Here are some ways that can help you be super careful about weight gain while you are traveling.


Always be relaxed about your trip. If you are too stressed you are likely to eat a lot. Binge eating due to stress is the worst way to gain wait.

Eat before going to the airport

Eating something healthy before heading out to the airport will ensure that your stomach is full and will not crave unhealthy, high fat items at the airport or during flight. You should focus on having a high fiber diet which consists of vegetables and fruits.

Bring sturdy shoes and shorts

This will motivate you to exercise a little even during your vacations. It will help you keep on track because of this constant reminder.

Stay active

Wherever you go on your travel, always be sure to stay active. Walk and jog around your new destination as much as you can and if you are staying in a hotel, then make good use of the hotel facilities such as the gym and the pool.

Control breakfast

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, try to have a balanced, healthy breakfast that is not filled with unhealthy, high fat items. This way, you will have enough energy to get you going for the rest of the day.

Take advantage of local specialties

Search around the place a little and feast yourself on what that place has to offer. Go searching around for options that you have never had or discovered before. This way you will get to experience something completely different.

Eat smaller portions

You are bound to eat on your vacations. But it is best to savor what you eat in small portions rather than feeling the need to have all of it at once. Also, when you have a buffet option, always take a smaller place so you do not excessively fill it, and start from the veggie section.

Watch your drinking

Drinking causes you to actually gain calories because of the added calories in these drinks. On top of that it increases your appetite, hence causes you to eat more.

Watch your sugar

Be mindful of the amount of sugar that you take in. too much sugar can lead to weight gain, therefore it is best to avoid as much sugar as possible.

Aim for eating healthy-ish twice per day

We know you are on vacations and you should get a chance to escape from your normal boring routine for a little while, but try to take in healthy meals at least twice a day.

Traveling is always fun. But being mindful of your weight while you travel should always be a priority.