Weight loss is sometime just as much a mental exercise as is it a physical exercise. The right headset can make all the difference in your daily diet/workout regime – so here are some proven suggestions to help get you in a weight loss frame of mind!

1. See Yourself Thinner

Visualize yourself as a thinner person. Imagine how good you’ll look and how you’ll feel when you’ve lost the pounds you want. Concentrate on the quality of life you’ll enjoy as a thinner version of you.

2. Make a Daily Meal Plan

Plan out your daily food intake the day before. Know what you’re going to eat and prepare accordingly. After a short time, this will become second nature to you and help you stay on track with your calorie intake.

3. Be Realistic About Your Plan

Nobody can lose 50 pounds overnight.– nor should they try to. Losing just a few pounds a month over an extended period of time will result in  healthier, longer-lasting weight lose. Don’t try to do too much too soon.

4. Create Achievable Goals

Smaller day-to-day goals make attaining larger, long-term goals possible. Baby steps, one at a time, will help get you to where you want to be, and show you encouraging progress in the process.

5. Find Your Support System

Friends, spouses, family members, co-workers – all of these people can be helpful in helping you stick to your program and reach your goals. Talk about your progress with them, share your challenges. Their support will sustain and propel you through your weight lose process.

6. Don’t Obsess Over Your Scale

Weighting yourself too often can be a frustrating experience, as daily weight fluctuations don’t always accurately reflect your weight loss progress. Once or twice a week is plenty. Look to other ways to assess your progress. Are your clothes feeling less tight? Are you getting more compliments? These benchmarks are at least as important as what your scale says.

7. Treat Yourself

When you reach a goal, reward yourself  with some kind of treat: new shoes, a weekend trip – anything but food! Little rewards help incentivize progress.

8. Make New Habits

Change old self-defeating ways of doing things to new ways that will help you achieve your goals. As an example, if you usually watch TV while eating junk food at night, try snacking on fresh vegetables instead – and mix up your TV viewing schedule with some physical activity. Establishing healthy patterns will have an enormous impact on your weight loss.

9. Start a Journal

Tracking your progress is an extremely effective way to incentivize yourself and stay the course. Mark down daily food intake, distance walked, excercises performed and pounds lost. Over time, you’ll be able to chart your progress – and feel enthusiastic about your achievements!

10. Most Importantly – Don’t Quit!

Simply refuse to give up. Regardless of temporary discouragement or daily temptations, keep your long-range goals in mind. Successful weight loss is an ongoing process – and needs to be made an integral part of your new healthier headset.