Sugar consumption not only negatively affects your weight, but also your all-around health. Quitting the sweet life isn’t easy, but it could be one of the very best ways to look and feel better. Here’s how:

1. Stop Drinking All Beverages With Sugar

Sweet beverages (including sodas, flavored waters and specialty coffee drinks) not only spike your insulin levels, but also induce additional cravings. Unsweetended tea or bubbly seltzer water are smart alternatives

2. No More Junk Food

Everybody loves cookies, candy and chocolate bars – but remember, they’re the enemy! Some alternatives (like granola bars) are also surprisingly high in sugar content. Start with the treats you like the most and work your way down. Try fruits when your sweet tooth kicks in.

3. Fresher Food is Better

Choose fresh foods over processed foods – over a quarter of which contain lots of additional sugar.

4. Cut Back on Simple Carbs

Simple carbs (crackers, white breads, pasta) act the same as sugar in our bodies. Systematically reduce these from your diet by cutting portions or replacing white bread with wheat bread.

5. Keep Your Eyes on Ingredients

Read ingredient labels very carefully (including all sauces and condiments). A high number of them include a high amount of hidden sugars – which keep you from realizing what you’re really eating.

6. Beware of “Sugar Free” Labels

That usually just means that the sugar has been replaced by simple carbs – which have the same effect on your body as sugar.

7. Drink Plenty of Water

You might be dehydrated or have headaches after starting to clean the sugar out of your system. Water not only keeps you feeling full, but also keeps you hydrated.

8. Find Sugar Free Recipes

You don’t have to give up taste when you lose sugar! Look for sugar-free recipes  on the internet or in bookstores. You’ll be amazed at the variety.

9. Stay Vigilant

You can give yourself a treat every now and then, but make certain that it doesn’t lead to falling off the wagon. Sugar can be addictive and needs to be treated as such.

10. Make Sure You’re Eating Enough –  Don’t Starve Yourself

If you get hungry, you’re more likely to look for something with sugar. Stay the course and eventually your craving for sweets will end for good!