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Top 10: Funniest Nicknames in Sports History

There are a lot of athletes in sport who have had hilarious names, and some have even gotten nicknames from fans around the world, due to their appearance or considering the way that they play the sport. Funny nicknames in sports today always tend to tell a story about the person they have been assigned to, and there are thousands of odd and funny nicknames in sport. Here are 10 of sports funniest nicknames.


Steve “The Puck Goes Inski” Buzinski

Steve Buzinski has the distinguished honour of having one of the funniest nicknames in sports today. He participated in only 9 NHL games but let in 6.11 goals per game on average in those games. What makes his nickname hilarious is the fact that he was a goaltender and his primary job was to stop the puck from going into the back of the net, a job he was woeful at.


Antonio “The Octopus” Alfonseca

There are some nicknames which tell a story about the athlete’s performance, while some take a dig at the physical attributes of the athlete. Antonio Alfonseca was born with a birth defect and had six fingers on one hand, but that didn’t stop the fans from comparing him to an eight-armed sea creature, as he was dubbed as “The Octopus”.


Andre “Red Light” Racicot

Andre Racicot was a goaltender in the NFL for the Montreal Canadians and usually played backup goalie. He got his nickname from the fact that every time he allowed a goal into the net, the red light would light up and it was a frequent occurrence whenever he played, which is why he was dubbed as Andre “Red Light” Racicot.


Pervis “Out of Service” Ellison

Pervis Ellison already had a nickname in college where he was known as “Never Nervous Pervis, after he had led Louisville to the NCAA championship for the second time in their history. The Sacramento Kings drafted him in 1989, but his entire career was blighted with injuries as he could only play 48 games in his rookie season and retired after 9 seasons, playing only 465 games out of a possible 820, which is why he was dubbed as “Out of Service Pervis”.


 “Dinner Bell” Mel Turpin

Mel Turpin was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 1984 NBA Draft and was one of the worst drafts for the Cavaliers in their history, particularly as they could have drafted players such as John Stockton instead. Mel was known to get hungry frequently, and he ate relentlessly, causing him to grow in size and become overweight. It eventually cost him his career and he was dubbed as “Dinner Bell Mel”.


Jared “The Hefty Lefty” Lorenzen

No other athlete in the history of sport has had as many funny nicknames as Jared Lorenzen, who got them for his huge size and round belly. He has a whole host of other nicknames, such as Battleship Lorenzen, Kentucky Fried Lorezen, the Round Mound of Touchdown and the Pillsbury Throwboy to name a few.


Colin “Mrs, Doubtfire” Montgomerie

Colin Montgomerie, the Scottish golfer is known around the world for the incredible success he has had over the PGA tours. He has been stuck with a rather embarrassing nickname though, due to his unattractive facial features and waistline. He has been dubbed as “Mrs, Doubtfire” who was an overweight old nanny, in a movie of the same name played by Robin Williams.


Dave “Mr. May” Winfield

Funny nicknames have a habit of growing old and not lasting over time, and in Dave Winfield’s case that is true. However, he was contracted by the New York Yankees on a record 10 year contract, worth $23 million dollars. He was a massive flop in the World Series, managing only one hit in 22 outings with a batting average of .045. He was dubbed by the coach as “Mr. May” for his failure to perform and he was traded in 1990 to the California Angels. He got rid of the nickname once he won the World Series with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1992.


 “Charmin” Armen Gilliam

Armen Gilliam earned his nickname from a teammate, Charles Barkley who claimed that Armen was too soft spoken and gentle. Armen Gilliam played for six different teams in 13 seasons in the NBA and never made much of an impact, and he was known as “Charmin Armen”.


A.C. “The 40 – Year Old Virgin” Green

NBA forward A.C. Green was known as “The 40 year old virgin”, since he had preached abstinence before marriage and he managed to hold out throughout high school, then college and over his entire professional basketball career. Green remained a virgin till his wedding night, and finally ended his nickname when he got married at the age of 38.



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